Friday, 15 July 2016

Review- M&S NEW Spirit of Summer: Alfajores Biscuits

For once, it's a SoS number which actually is undeniably Latin American - Today is golden, it's sticky and cloyingly sweet.. It's Dulce de Leche! Alas, not straight out of the jar as I favour to eat it but sandwiched in the M&S NEW Alfajores! 

I was in two minds whether to buy these or the Dulce de Leche Teacakes* but swiftly decided against the latter after remembering the disastrous Christmas Red Velvet Teacakes* which were essentially the thing of nightmares and tasting a bit like a shoe! Sadly, the price difference between the pair was vast and although not swaying me, I begrudgingly forked out £2.50 for the 210g brightly coloured box of Veggie loving, Biscuits. 

All butter biscuits with a dulce de leche caramel centre. 

I was even more narked to discover that it was only a pack of 6 - 6, albeit large, slightly cheesy smelling cookies! That's 41p each and who knows how much cheese!

I attempted to cut the biscuit in half and the texture instantly seemed weird - Hard yet soft, making for not a very clean cut but more of a wiggle. Munching my way through, it proved to be quite heavy going and dry with an almost powdery feel and uncanny to "shortbread gone stale" - I can't say this was all that pleasant especially mixed with the grainy centre! Thankfully and more on the positive side, the smell didn't reflect in the taste.. Instead a flavour that can only be described as extremely buttery with the sickly sweetness of caramel which was only vaguely like actual Dulce de Leche - Certainly not the jarred stuff! Naturally, the combination of elements were fairly claggy in the throat and poor MSW even started to question whether they were salty as they were so ridiculously sugary and hurt her tongue - There must be a fine line! 

Overall, these M&S Spirt of Summer Alfajores Biscuits are plain peculiar - They aren't really one thing or another and without a shadow of a doubt, require a hot beverage to get down. I suppose they aren't horrific if you can handle the impending diabetes and aren't fixated on the Dulce de Leche aspect.. But even then, I think most would struggle to eat more than one in a sitting. Perhaps they could be a diet biscuit? I'm struggling to be constructive when they could very well be a love-hate thing! It's a slightly frazzled, 2.5 out of 5 from me. 

*NibsnScribs AKA Peanut has reviewed both so go have a read and leave a friendly comment!


  1. What a ripoff! As I always say with these types of biscuits...just make your own xx

  2. Why thank you Cupcake. The RV Teacakes were an epic fail and it would appear these stale cheesy cookies can join that basket!! xx

    1. I don't know whats going on anymore Peanut, I really don't! xx

  3. I felt the same about these too, a bit of a neither here nor there. I'd love to try Alfajores actually in Latin America to see how they sized up against them as I felt I didn't really have any baseline to judge them against.