Friday, 11 March 2016

Review- Tesco Filled Hot Cross Buns: Citrus & Blueberry and Chocolate & Toffee

We are well into March now and with Easter being only 2 weeks away, it's pretty much a free for all on chocolate and Hot Cross Buns until the Bunny arrives.. Because clearly we need an excuse! Today's review is all down to a picture I saw on Twitter which I would link but given it was just under a month ago, there's no chance of locating it.. Thank you anyways to the person who brought these Filled Buns to my attention!

On one of my many jolly trips to Tesco, I picked up said packs of 2, Citrus & Blueberry and Chocolate & Toffee Filled Hot Cross Buns for £1 each. They can be found in the Bakery aisle with the Scones, Muffins and such but I don't expect you'll miss them with such cute packaging - Look at the adorable woodland animals! 

Citrus & Blueberry

White hot cross bun with blueberry jam filling, fresh and candied citrus peel. 

I cut the Bun.. And there was actual filling! - Naturally, I was dubious about just how filled, "Filled" meant but was pleasantly surprised to see a fairly generous dollop in the centre. Soft and squidgy with a texture that was more of a muffin, bun cross than actual dough, the Bun had a tender feel that wasn't dry in the slightest with a very fruit flavour. The jam was pleasantly sweet and sticky and although I wouldn't have identified it as being Blueberry, the fruitiness went wonderfully with the subtle citrus tones of lemon and orange. Everything went well together and although there was no stand out flavour, it was bloomin' delicious! A 4 out of 5 from me. 

Chocolate & Fudge

White hot cross bun with toffee fudge filling, toffee pieces and dark chocolate chips. 

Aaaaaaand my toffee is MIA because..?

Huzzah! It was hiding in the bottom half which I proceeded to claw at - Turns out, it was quite a good filling despite being miles away from the middle. The neatly crossed Bun itself, this time was a lot more like a traditional "dense" dough and not the spongy muffin texture seen above. Taste wise, it was sweet, buttery toffee thanks to the gooey filling which definitely had a Werthers familiarity. The dark chocolate chips were in abundance and added richer bursts of cocoa to cut some of the sweetness.. Although really, it was never not going to be sweet! Very yummy and hit the spot - Another 4 out of 5 from me. 

Overall, these Tesco Filled Hot Cross Buns get two thumbs up from me - They are sweet, scrummy and make a nice change to the usual Easter treat that you've slathered in butter, yourself.. And by butter, I mean Nutella of course! Having checked the other 2 Buns, I can confirm that both the Citrus & Blueberry and the Chocolate & Toffee had decent fillings with even the latters' being in the correct place this time, so I highly recommend you give them a go.. You won't be disappointed and I can guarantee, Kiddos will love them! Nice one, Tescy! 


  1. My mum recently mentioned picking up some hot cross buns from M&S but when I told her about these ones from Tesco she was sold! Thanks Lucy! xx

    1. Ah nice one, mum! I haven't read good things about the M&S ones actually.. Which doesn't come at all that much of a big surprise to me, sadly! Haha xx