Thursday, 11 June 2015

Review- Asda Butterfly Custard Choux Buns

MSW (Mother Snack Warrior) and I went a little mad in the Fresh Cream Cake section of Asda a few weeks ago - We can't seem to say no! Its gotten to the stage where I now have a back log of reviews to get through. Its a hard old life.

We picked up the 2 Butterfly Custard Choux Buns for £2.25.

Pastry Buns filled with custard and sweetened whipped cream decorated with chocolate flavoured fondant.

It cut quite well with a sharp knife, although as you can probably imagine, it was a little messy to eat! The choux pastry was perfectly chewy with a mild buttery taste. Inside, sat a thick layer of velvety smooth, vanilla custard that was ice cold thanks to being kept in the fridge. The amount of slightly sweet, whipped cream was spot on - Any more and I think things could have become a little bit sickly!  I can't say the chocolate on top had a lot of flavour but it was a pleasant difference in texture to all the softness, beneath. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed yet another one of Asda's Fresh Cream Desserts - In my opinion, theirs are the best out of all the supermarkets! If you are a fan of the choux and custard combo, I highly recommend you give these a go. Its a 3.5 out of 5 from me! 

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