Thursday, 9 April 2015

Review- Honey Monster Honey Wows

Every now and again I go on a massive cereal kick. I can't get enough of the stuff - I prefer to eat it dry, straight out of the box as a snack rather than drowned in milk for breakfast. I was pleased to find these Honey Monster Wows in Pound Stretcher. I am not sure if these were new but I hadn't seen them previously. They must have been one of the few cereal I haven't tried! 

Honey coated multigrain hoops filled with wholegrain oats and crisp rice

I was met with a lovely honey scent upon opening the bag. I grabbed a handful and started munching. It was hard to stop! These were very crunchy and moreish. They tasted surprisingly oaty and 'whole'. The honey came through quite subtly so they weren't overly sweet which you can sometimes find with a cereal like this. I did try some with milk for the purpose of review. Even though it's not really my cup of tea, they weren't bad. They didn't go immediately soggy thankfully. 

I did notice that most of the oats and crisp rice were in the bottom of the bag rather than 'filling' the hoops. Aslong as you give the bag a good shake to distribute the bits, it doesn't really effect the overall taste. 

Not a bad offering from the Honey Monster! I miss seeing him.. Has he retired from adverts or does he live solely on the kids TV channels now? All kids go crazy for a sugary cereal - even big kids like myself! These get a 3.5 out of 5 from me! 

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