Friday, 17 April 2015

Review- Asda Giant Ice Cream Cupcake

As an avid baker, I don't really ever buy cakes from supermarkets. My mum spotted this rather cute Giant Ice Cream Cupcake in Asda for £6 in the Birthday Cake aisle and decided we just had to have it. It's not either of our Birthdays. 

Light, fluffy Madeira sponge bursting with tangy plum and raspberry jam, topped with our yummy frosting and sweet treats. 

Unfortunately, some of the frosting was dislodged when I removed the plastic around the cake. Why have they got to put it on there? They should realise that most people would like their Birthday cake picture perfect! 

I liked how the cake was in an actual giant cupcake case! 

This smelt gorgeous - sweet and vanilla-y. The sponge was surprisingly light in texture - almost too light as it was hard to stop eating slice after slice! The plum and raspberry jam sandwiched inbetween was fruity and flavourful. I'm glad it was only a thin layer as it easily could have become overly sweet. The frosting topping was delicious! I think this is mainly where the vanilla scent was coming from. The proportion of icing to sponge was perfect also and the sprinkles added a nice sugary crunch. My only complaint is the chocolate flake - it tasted very cheap! 

Overall for a 'bought' cake this wasn't bad! I was expecting to hate it considering I do bake an awful lot but it's much nicer than other supermarket Birthday cakes I've tried. This would be perfect for a kids Birthday party. Or a 'Mother, Daughter' afternoon tea like we had. I'm not sure how it would serve 10 as it recommends - 8 slices seems much more realistic! A 4 out of 5 from me! 

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  1. This was the first review I ever read - ironic that it was a birthday cake, published the day before my birthday!