Thursday, 22 December 2016

Snackmas Day 22- Christmas Spreads: Hotel Chocolat Gingerbread and M&S Clementine & Cranberry Curd

We don't do elaborate Christmas breakfasts in my house, due to the fact we aren't big on brekkie anyway and more importantly, wouldn't dare risk spoiling our impending "all the trimmings" festive lunch. For those of you who do desire something a bit special however, be it for guest or just your Dancer-selves.. A Spread duo today of Chocolate Gingerbread courtesy of Hotel Chocolat and a citrus-y M&S Clementine & Cranberry Curd!

With a fairly stark price difference of £6 for the 150g spicy spread and a far more reasonable £2.50 for the 300g jar, fruity option, both are suitable for vegetarians and recommended to be kept in the fridge and consumed within 4 and 6 weeks respectively.. That's if you can make them last that long, of course!

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Gingerbread Spread

Caramel and milk chocolate praline spread with spices. 

Smelling both chocolate-y and spicy with a very thick and almost dry texture, I was a little taken a back upon first scoop out of the plastic tub.. Although somewhat bizarrely, it spread far more easily  (Even when cold) than one would expect from its appearance - Bit odd! 

Despite the serving suggestion, to be enjoyed on muffins or cupcakes, I went for the traditional croissant breakfast which the spread melted on beautiful once warmed by the toasty pastry. Taking a bite, I soon came to realise that perhaps this wasn't the best option as the buttery aspect was all a bit too overpowering. Tasted alone however, a fairly mild cocoa flavour was noted with hints of nutty praline in the background and an almighty punch to the face of spice! I can't say it was completely that of pure ginger and certainly not having the taste of any actual biscuit-y gingerbread I've experience but the real warmth was unmissable. As for the caramel aspect, there wasn't that much sweetness which should probably not come as a shock given the sheer amount of spice used. A 3 out of 5 from me. 

M&S Clementine & Cranberry Curd

Cranberry and clementine curd. 

No alarming jingle bells this time with the consistency - The curd was gloriously smooth, thick and ploppy, not to mention possessing an aroma most definitely reflecting its namesake! ..And yes, I did eat the above blob straight off the spoon. 

Thankfully this time, my choice of croissant didn't let this spread down with the curd and pastry being a match made in heaven! As velvety in feel as it appeared with a buttery rich, creamy base flavour, the citrus tones were in abundance including lemon which although wasn't in the ingredients, I am still sure I could detect beneath the orange. A potent zing came from the fruity cranberry which struck just the right balance of tart and sweet making for one very delicious, slightly addictive Curd. It's a 4.5 out of 5 from me! 

Overall, I think it is clear to see which one of these Christmas Spreads does it for me.. Clementine & Cranberry Curd, I could eat you all day and M&S, I take my Santa hat off to you! As for the Hotel Chocolat Gingerbread Spread, by no means is it repulsive but I do think one would carefully have to consider what they are having it with and maybe, really relish spice in general to fully appreciate exactly what it delivers.. I personally will probably end up sandwiching it in a chocolate cake come the new year!


  1. Soooooooooo disappointed by the gingerbread spread!!!! xxxx

  2. I have far too much food in the house, and its partly your fault! Can't say that's a bad thing though... ����

    1. I'd say thats only a good thing! What have you got? Tell me everything! xx

  3. Anything you rated over 4 plus those amaretti biscuits and the usual stuff, as well as far too much from M&S and loads of sweets received as presents! This is gonna need to be a big diet... xx