Monday, 20 June 2016

Review- M&S NEW Spirit of Summer: Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

Today, the 20th of June is officially the beginning of Summer which can mean only one thing.. It's raining? Well, yes it is awful out there and chucking it down but no, today is all about the spirit.. The spirit that I just know is currently busting out of all of us.. The Spirit of Summer! 

The time has finally come! I am opening my arms to M&S and their South American fiesta of a quest by buying into their "exotic" range for the next few months - Trust me, there is enough to keep the party going all year round given that the entire store is over run with the brightly packaged stuff.. But I'd probably fall asleep before then. Hopefully something cold will keep me awake - 500ml of Veggie friendly, £3 a tub, Key Lime Pie Ice Cream! 

Dairy key lime flavour ice cream with key lime sauce (10%), digestive biscuits (9%) and meringue pieces (4%). 

We are inside the tub for todays shot with biscuit pieces, meringue and sauce all plain to see! The ice cream itself, although not smelling of much, was super thick and creamy with a subtle lime-y flavour - Not all that different to the outside of a Twister Ice Lolly, I suppose! The real kick of the zesty stuff came from the sauce swirled throughout which heightened the overall flavour to produce something really quite refreshing and undoubtably citrus. Contrasting in texture was the abundance of triangular shaped biscuit pieces which had a good digestive flavour even if a little on the hard side - I did fear for my teeth at one point! As for the meringue.. Sadly, it was a case of few and far between but the odd few bits I did notice were airy, sweet and just how they should be. All the elements went well together and were surprisingly, somewhat reminiscent to Key Lime Pie.. Even if the proportions were a little off! 

Thank the Spirit of Summer that I picked a good item to kick things off as this Key Lime Pie Ice cream is really quite delightful! It's tasty, refreshing and not like anything I have had before, that's for sure. My only complaint is the biscuit pieces.. They really are quite solid and I can't help but feel a soft cookie dough would have been more suitable. Also, more meringue please M&S! - It's a 4 out of 5 from me. 


  1. Replies
    1. They're really tight with their meringue pieces aren they? Haha xx

  2. I've literally picked this up every time I've been in m and s but kept putting it down as I was worried it would disappoint. Might have to finally pluck up the courage just to buy it!

    1. It's definitely worth a whirl - Limey with being OTT and very refreshing! I guess some might say it's like a middle ground between a sorbet and a ice cream really.. Even though it is super creamy! :D xx