Saturday, 18 June 2016

Review- Lily O'Brien's NEW Irresistibly Milk: Malted Chocolate and Caramel Crunch

I'm always on the look out for NEW chocolate to try.. Although it seems that the same flavours can be seen throughout all brands and it tends to just be a case of picking your favourite. Today's review is no different with the not particular unique, Malted Chocolate and Caramel Crunch Irresistibly Milk. 

My Buddy-Chum, Admiral Burger was the one to bring these Bars (Albeit he had the Salted Caramel) to my attention.. Given that I hadn't tried Lily O'Brien's previously, I figured why not and bought both in Asda for £2 each. Containing no artificial colours or flavours, the chocolate is suitable for Vegetarians whilst containing 30% cocoa and 20% milk solids, respectively. 

Shiny, paper backed gold foil wrapped each bar which gave a bit of a luxurious feel - In my opinion, Chocolate should always be wrapped in the stuff! 

Malted Chocolate Crunch

Slip into the luxurious silk of creamy milk chocolate that slowly melts into the sweetness of mellow malt crisp. 

Starting with the Malted, at first I was a little confused - It smelt of booze but not beer as you might expect.. More of a liqueur! Scanning the ingredients, none seemed to be listed so I gingerly took a bite and immediately concluded that it also tasted a lot like alcohol! I couldn't put my finger on what boozy beverage exactly but definitely something I've had before and I can only assume in a confectionary. Thankfully, this did develop into something chocolatey but with very little in terms of malt which was disappointing given the quantity of crunchy pieces. The booze flavour sort of faded the more I ate but overall was only alright, mostly weird and certainly not creamy or mellow! - A 2 out of 5 from me! 

Caramel Crunch

Melt into intensely creamy milk chocolate and surrender to a savoury-sweet burst of golden caramel scattered with Atlantic salt crystals. 

Moving onto the Caramel and my hopes weren't exactly high - The chunks smelt a lot like cheap calendar chocolate.. And to my horror, tasted a bit like it too! Semi chocolatey although not super rich or high quality, it did have a nice smooth, melting texture and wasn't unbearable by any means but it definitely felt as though something was missing flavour wise. Was it the caramel? Perhaps as I can't say any was particularly distinguishable! One thing that couldn't be missed and was essentially like a train to the face.. The salt! - Huge gritty crystals ran throughout which was a nice contrast to the sweet at first.. But sadly short lived as once the chocolate had melted, I was left with a mouthful of overly saline nibs which made me feel nothing but icky! Not great - A 1.5 out of 5. 

From boozy to salty.. These Lily O'Brien's Malted Chocolate and Caramel Crunch Bars are such a let down! I was expecting so much more given the hefty price tag and "premium" appearance but have been left with a bitter taste in my mouth.. Quite literally! I definitely won't be buying again and suggest you steer clear also.. Don't you be lured in by those glossy descriptions.. They're lies, I tell you - LIES. 


  1. How shocking. Usually Lily's is nice not worth the price tags mind Id still have a Lindt Bar any day even if they shattered my childhood dreams! xx

    1. Lily is bad. Evil Lily. Even Elliot said he would have a cheap, crappy bar over this fancy stuff.. And that's saying something! Think of Lindt and be happy, Peanut - Relight the dream! Xx

  2. I've never much cared for Lily. She promises so much but doesn't deliver the goods. xx

    1. Controversial Butty.. Everyone seems to like them! Not more than Lindt obvs as old Nobby ^^^ just said but apparently Lily isn't all bad. I'm put off permanently now though! xx