Monday, 13 July 2015

Review- M&S NEW Earl Grey Tea Loaf

Those AMAZING, Lemon Whitby Buns have done something to me. They are the reason for having almost completely forgiven M&S for all their horrible NEW products.. They are to blame for the purchase of this NEW Earl Grey Tea Loaf.. They are my excuse for not having the faintest idea how much this bergamot delight cost.. Wait, what? 

All butter, lightly spiced loaf made with dried vine fruits soaked in Earl Grey tea finished with demerara sugar. 

The tea loaf was in a little cardboard tray in which to serve, pull the end flaps of and peel back the sides. 

Thankfully, it took minimum effort to get into with hardly made any mess or cake loss due to being stuck on the sides. 

I was impressed by how neatly the slices cut considering the number of plump, sultanas, raisins and currants that were packed in there! A strong bergamot scent was apparent with subtle hints of spice and citrus. The texture was not what I was expecting at all - It was very soft and squidgey and more of a cake than a traditional tea loaf that tends to require butter. Taste wise, it was nothing short of delicious - The Earl Grey flavour was spot on! It was a perfect balance of bergamot and spices, with sweetness coming from the vine fruits and lemon and orange undertones. There was a good sugary crunch from the Demerara which was a nice contrast in texture to the moist loaf it sat upon - The perfect topping! 

Can you believe it? I certainly can't. M&S have managed to produce another winner in the form of a tea loaf that is of all, Earl Grey Tea lovers dreams! I highly recommend, like me, putting any previous negative reservations aside and giving one of these a go - They are well worth it! Its a 4 out of 5 from me. 

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