Saturday, 11 July 2015

Review- Baru Milk Chocolate Marshmallows

Marshmallows aren't something I buy often even though, loving them - I think I ate enough Flumps for a lifetime, when I was a kid! I picked up these Baru Milk Chocolate Marshmallows in Waitrose for a rather pricey £2.99. I have to admit, I was sold on the "Our Most Fluffy marshmallows ever" statement.

Our fluffiest decadence is made with is made with Madagascan bourbon vanilla and honey straight from the bee farm. One puff, two puff, three times the deliciousness!

The box contained 4 individually wrapped, 35% cocoa, milk chocolate marshmallows.

Cutting through this square treat, I wasn't to impressed.. The claim that it was going to be super fluffy was a load of rubbish - I found the mallow to be really chewy and denser than any other I've had! Things didn't get much better with the taste, unfortunately - It had next to nothing in the way of vanilla flavouring and although there was a subtle honey flavour, I don't expect you would know it unless you had read the box before hand! The milk chocolate was about the only good part, with a creamy rich taste and a lovely smooth melt - Not groundbreaking by any means! 

Overall, these Baru Milk Chocolate Marshmallows were a bit of a waste of money. I liked the individually wrapped portions but for the price and quality, it was all a massive case of style over substance! There are other flavours in the range including Fleur De Sal Caramel and Dark Chocolate Strawberry & Coconut - I can safely say, I won't be trying either, irregardless of how besotted I am with the tropical delight that is coconut! Its a 1 out of 5 from me. 


  1. Urghh how dissapointing! This had such potential as well !

    1. Blimey girl! You read that fast! Haha. I was so disappointed by these.. They really should put such a bold statement on their packaging!

  2. I was looking for articles on milk brands in India and I came across yours inspiring read. Great post!

  3. £2.99 for 4 marshmallows. Ye gods!

  4. Uh yuum, looks awesome! ;)

  5. wow its looking yummy.. anybody have milk chocolate recipe, i want to try this for my kid. he loves chocolate.and this birthday i want to give him surprise of home made farm fresh milk's chocolate..
    please please please share....