Monday, 23 January 2017

Review- Tesco Ready to Bake LE Toffee Apple Cookie Dough

I am going to warn you now.. The pictures in todays post are horrendous to the extent of me having to'd and fro'd over whether it was even worthy of a review for the last 3 weeks - The colouring is whack, I seem incapable of shooting things in the centre and one might even come with some sort of photo effect. Safe to say, I don't know what went wrong.. But Cookies! Cookies always come first!

Technically, this is actually Tesco Ready to Bake Toffee Apple Cookie Dough which I bought for £1.50 after having enjoyed the Chocolate Chip version. Given it's Fall-esque flavouring and Limited Edition status, I do wonder if it was originally for Autumn 2016.. But I can't say I saw it until just after New Year so it's a bit of a mystery. 

Designed to be cut into 8 rounds after being left out of the fridge for 10 minutes to soften, the cookies  are to be cooked at 160ºC Fan for about 14-18 minutes or until golden brown.

I opted for the lesser duration purely as I didn't want a rock solid biscuit and they turned out pretty nicely - Not to mention, smelling amazingly buttery combined with an almost acidic, fruity yogurt aroma which filled the entire house! 

Breaking the slightly warm cookie in half, pieces of the add-ins were visible and of a fairly generous quantity. Crunchy on the outside with a chewier centre, they tasted just as they smelt - Super biscuity with a pop of tart apple a long with pockets of sweet toffee. A tang was definitely apparent which once again, reminded me of a yogurt and worked surprisingly well in a Cookie. Perfect with a mug of tea, sprinkled over ice cream for that hot/cold hit or even with actual yogurt! - Delish!

Overall, this Tesco Ready to Bake LE Toffee Apple Cookie Dough seems to be a pretty foolproof way of a getting fresh, warm, decent tasting treat into your life without much faff at all.. Well, that is to say as long as you use some sort of baking parchment on your tray otherwise you'll never get the welded little buggers off! Give it a whirl whilst you can.. And a sneaky taste when raw! It's a 4 out of 5 from me. 


  1. We're always looking for new flavors to add to our lines at Would you recommend this as something that would have wide spread appeal or no?

  2. The photos don't look too bad to me! Do you edit them at all? I find picmonkey works wonders with my dodgy lighting situations! x

    1. Oh Daisypops, that is very kind of you to say.. But I am well aware that they aren't my best! Haha my kitchen lighting is dire and what's worse is that it seems to be sporadic.. It can be a gloriously bright day (Mornings tend to be best!) which usually is perfect yet every now and again, everything just looks shit :( No, I never edit pics aside from the odd christmas number - Ain't got time for that nonsense! Haha. xx